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Renovation Planner Package

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Are you planning a renovation? Redecorating? Having a clean out? This printable pack is perfect for organising colours, tradesmen, your plans and even just simply organising what you want to keep or chuck out during spring cleaning.

This set includes:

  • A floor plan sheet to draw out renovations either to scale or rough plans
  • A 'to do' list for what needs tidying, organising, selling, buying or chucking out (perfect for before putting your home on the market!)
  • A sheet to stick down paint samples and keep tracks of brands and names
  • A contact sheet for appointments and workers. 

This is a great set to keep in a binder for each room of your home, or just a one off for large renovations.

Purchase includes a .zip file containing a PDF and a JPEG of each page. The PDF prints at A3 for those who like to plan large, and the JPEG can be printed at any size.